Wednesday, 6 January 2010

What is the name of me, my sweet mirror?

My dear, faithful readers,

It has finally come to me needing - asking, begging - your help, your ideas, your brains.

I-need-your-help with choosing a name for my blog.

you all know I've been writing the blog for awhile, and it's gone into different direction from what I originally thought it would be, however there are certain themes...

so I would LOVE if YOU came back to me with your vote number one.

from the list below that me and J has brainstormed, which one you think reflects the best my blog, my character, or just attracts you the most?

  • Bazaar and Vodka
  • Bolshy Bazaar
  • Russian Glutton
  • Comrade Foodie
  • Belly Revolution
  • She swallows
  • That Madeleine moment
  • Around the world in 80 markets?

Any crazy, obsecure, silly ideas are welcome here - no censoring, honest;)

Thank you, Spasiba, Merci


Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

That Madeline Moment. Wish I thought of it.

Anonymous said...

definitely not she swallows (the conservative in me)

but I always liked
Around the world in 80 markets

but if you want a change...maybe you should change it, what do you like best?

Unknown said...

"She Swallows" is rather rare these days....give it a go ! Belly Revolution makes impression of negative consequences...Around the World - if u want to continue - or pretty good2 x

rege said...

Comrade Foodie or Bolshy Bazaar

Greetings from Warsaw!

Natushik said...

Bazaar and Vodka or
Belly Revolution, I would prefer

Anonymous said...

i liked bolshy bazaar too

Elvira said...

She Swallows :)

Katrina said...

goodgood, keem'em coming folks!

Anonymous said...

i don't like any of the listed I'm afraid. how about the word Restoran , like in Russian? or Stolovka?


Anonymous said...

like second from the bottom:)


Anonymous said...

I personally like Belly Revolution - I think it reflects your character and attracts people at the same time!

Katya G.

Anonymous said...

I personally don't fancy any of the names, except for your current titles. for when you slightly depart from the topic, how about 'Around the world in 80 markets or blog of the Foodie"?


Anonymous said...

Erm, 'she swallows' sounds wrong for all kinds of reasons!

I like belly revolution, taste buds, mush mash, the hungry Russian, the Russian table, cook your brains, the yummery :)

Anonymous said...

first I thought of bazaar and vodka and then the original around the world 80mrkts I think is best actually. First, it does not sound too bold or brash, yet adventurous, not necessarily decadent without excluding that either AND does not recall unattractive associations (which words like Glutton would)


Anonymous said...

Comrade Foodie !!


Anonymous said...

Please NOT "She swallows"!!


Katrina said...

oh, and I love the controversy of the 'swallows..';)

Raluca said...

I am glad you decided to change the name, it was impossible for me to remember it :).
Hmm, not sure about all the ideas you listed.
What about something like borsh and vodka? :)

Daily Spud said...

Hmm... Of the ones listed, I like That Madeleine Moment and possibly Russian Glutton. I don't think "she swallows" is a good choice (just do a google search using that phrase and you'll see what I mean!) and there's already a, so not that one either...

Katrina said...

Raluca - well, the actual name was 'Around the world in 80 markets' and the domain is still available..:)

Daily Spud - hehe, that's the whole idea with she swallows. raised brows are always good:) but yeah, I know what you mean...people won't get it if they see a kiddy cartoon on a site with that name

hmm, the voting is not very clear at the moment - COME ON PEOPLE, who hasn't spoken yet?

Bazaars and Vodka
That Madeleine moment
or the good old Around the world in 80 markets?

gastroanthropologist said...

I love your current - around the world in 80 markets!

Mrs. M. said...

I like Bazaar and Vodka and Bolshy Bazaar (although I'd spell it Bolshoi Bazaar).

Lara Dunston said...

Now that I've met you... I like the current name... but also like Belly Revolution.

Thanks for coming to our little party the other night!

We completely ran out of time today & I'm not sure we'll get to see you tomorrow, as much as I really really wanted to hook up with a local food blogger, but maybe our paths will cross another time. We're back in June so maybe we can meet then?

Lara x