Wednesday, 9 July 2008

I am a hero

This is a slight move away from the overall theme of food. Three hours ago I came back from the longest hike - and the highest, as far as I can make out - in my life.

At 8 o'clock this morning I was picked up by a very sweet and very talkative (read, most of the time I couldn't understand what he was saying) guide who took me back to the beginning of the Gorge d'Heric. A few days earlier this very kind friend of my hosts offered to take me to the mountains - for free - so, of course, I said yes (especially now, being my post-Corsican me). He said it would take about four hours all in all...

Well, we came back some seven hours later. With only a couple of small breaks of about 10 minutes each we went up to the beauty of the Gorge - le Mont Caroux, height 1059m....

I was actually very proud of myself on the way up (3,5 hours..) - I made it quite easily, without having to stop, in good tempo. Jean-Luc, the guide, gave me a good tip - not to stop, but to slow down, better to walk very slowly than to stop. I will definitely remember this for future too - it really worked.

Well, I am generally proud of myself for making it - the last 3 kms, already on the flat ground along the Gorge were the hardest somehow. Probably the heat was not helping - I went completely quiet for about 45 minutes..

Jean-Luc actually told me at some point, with a quiet surprise in his eyes, that 'You are a good walker, that was fast'. Geeee, Zyuzya will be proud I thought, bring on the Alpes!

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