Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Up in the air (and in the tent)

Voila! After 10 years of hard labour in London, I've taken the plunge - as of 23 May 2008 I am officially unemployed. I've taken a conscious decision to become a hippy, happy-go-lucky chick that wears no high hills (well, almost, leisure promenades on cote d'azur - or similar - are in the itinerary), breaks her back from carrying all her possessions in a rucksack and - importantly - doesn't know what she'll be doing the next day.

I am taking a break from 9-5 life. A friend has recently asked, so what’s the point, the objective of all of this inactivity. I said – I want to stop. Not stop and do nothing, but slow down, to have time, energy and desire to notice things; to be uncertain of what’s to come and be excited about it, even if that means sh*ting myself about it at the same time. I know all of this sounds like new age bullshit, but I honestly have to choice..

The photograph above is an image of what's to come. Well, to be precise some part of it has already come and gone, but it's to give you, and myself, a flavour of how I’d like my next few months to shape up.

The picture was taken in a little municipal camping site in the Corsican mountains, near a little place evocatively called Zonza. As you can see I am sitting in a tent - yes, a real tent. I know that many (including myself) doubted our camping aspirations - after all in my almost 29 years on this planet I had never had pleasure of spending nights under the stars in a 2 by 2 plastic box. Guys, now it's official - camping is fan-tas-tic! Ok, I must admit that we only camped 4 out of 12 nights, but I am mainly going to blame my hubby for such inflexibility (wink-wink), well, again, almost..

I’m writing this sitting in 40B (my base in London for those not in the know). We are already back from the La Corse and tomorrow I’m leaving for my next venture – two weeks in a Ballimaloe cookery school in Ireland (see the link below). However, I am planning to write more about our adventures in Corsica (including my camping experience) in the next few weeks.

Most probably, it’ll end up being a mixture of Irish and French impressions:)…hey, we’ll see….for now, I’d like to leave you with something to be ferociously envious about – the view of Bonifacio lagoon, we had just arrived in Corsica from Sardinia…


Anonymous said...


sounds interesting; and very surprising to see this from you! I guess I got used to see you on high heels :)

Anyway, good luck with your ventures and update this page regularly.


Katrina said...

it's especially interesting to see me in high hills;)...

I'll try and update the blog more in the next few days..